F-106 Delta Dart 1/48 kitology



Monogram 1983

Monogram first issued a 1/48th kit of the Ultimate Interceptor in 1983 with kit #5809. Presented with grey plastic sprues featuring delicate raised panel lines, the first boxing provided a single decal option: 59-0053 of the 87FIS, the Red Bulls, based at Sawyer,  Air Force Base, Michigan. A very colourful choice.

Monogram box art #5809


Monogram 1990

Monogram 1990 box art



Revell 2004


Revell 2004 box art
Revell #85-5847 decal sheet


Revell 2010

Revell 2010 box art

85-5847 – a simple rebox of the 2004 issue with the same decal sheet as the 2004 issue.


Hasegawa 2012


Hasegawa HM-161 box art

Decals provided in the kit by Hasegawa were an Aeromaster sheet: Century Wings in Color #48-509. This sheet provided markings for two aircraft. The first option was 59-0057, from the 318FIS, the Green Dragons, based at McChord Air Force Base, Washington State. The second option was 58-0766 of the 125 FIG, Florida ANG, based at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida.


Trumpeter 2014

In 2014 Trumpeter issued kit #02891, a single seater kitset featured recessed panel lines.

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