Alfa 90

Alfa 90 International Register

A great site for anyone interested in the Alfa 90.

Alfa 90 Accessories Brochure

A twenty page brochure issued by Alfa Romeo showing the sexy accessories available to the discerning Alfa 90 owner.

Auto & Design profile, September 1985

In September 1985,  Auto & Design, a bi-lingual Italian automotive magazine contained a profile of the new Alfa 90. The very detailed design sketches show the evolution of the body shape and interior to great effect.

Wheels magazine test, November 1985

Peter Robinson, editor of Australian Wheels magazine,tested the Alfa 90 in late 1985. He gave a remarkably fair assessment of the virtues of the new Alfa.

An Australian 90 fan from Per Sempre Alfa magazine

Les Misdon, a member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Queensland Division, shares his love of the 90.

1/48 scale kits

Monogram 1990

Monogram first issued a 1/48th scale kit of the F-102A Delta Dagger in 1990. Kit # 5827, with a Case XX wing, came with markings for a single aircraft. This was a Commander’s bird: 56-1080 from the 496th FIS, based at Bitburg Airbase, Germany in the early 1960s.

Monogram 1990 first issue

The plastic sprues contained in this kit have essentially remained the same throughout every subsequent [re]issue of the kit under a number of brand names. The only difference has been an insert to the mould which has allowed an earlier Case X wing to be moulded for selected re-issues.  Case XX wings were introduced on F-102s from from serial numbers 56-1317 onwards. This becomes an issue for the scale modeller as not all decals options are suitable for any one of the seven kit boxings. Below the two different types of wings are shown with the differences being restricted to the circled outer portions of the upper wing sprue. Images of the remainder of the sprues from the first issue are also below.

Case X wing
Case XX wing
Fuselage sprue
Lower wing sprue – this remains the same in both Case X and Case XX issues
Cockpit parts, fuel tanks, missile bay gear, landing gear sprue
Nose cone, wheel bay, weapons bay cover and wheels sprue
Clear parts
Decal sheet
Surface detail is very fine raised panel lines
Fine raised panel lines on tail

The sprues were moulded in grey plastic and, except for the Encore boxing of 2010, have remained that way in all releases.

Monogram 1991

A second issue of the kit was made in 1991 by Monogram with a simple change in boxing, but with identical sprues containing the Case XX wing version. The revised boxart for this issue is shown below.

Monogram 1991 issue

Lee Kolosna reviewed the Monogram #5827 boxing on Modelling Madness

Promodeller 1995

In 1995, Promodeller, a division of Monogram USA, issued an upgraded F-102A kit. The Promodeller issue #5923 was moulded with Case X wings, and an extra sprue with two crewmen and a boarding ladder was provided. A more detailed instruction booklet contained numerous black and white photographs from the F-102 Detail and Scale book to assist in the construction of an accurate model. The boxart is shown below. The box used is about twice the required size for the sprues and the kit rattles around!


Promodeller decal sheet

The Promodeller boxing was reviewed by AMPS Indianapolis

Hasegawa 2010

In 2000 Hasegawa reboxed the Case XX sprues in kit #HM160. It contained markings for two aircraft. The first, 55-3387, from the 40th FIS ,the Fighting Fortieth‘, based at Yokota Airbase, Japan in the early 1960s. The second decal option was 57-0865, from the 196th FIS, a California ANG bird, based at Ontario International Airport, California.

Hasegawa box art #HM160
Hasegawa #HM160 decal sheet

This boxing is reviewed on Cybermodeller

Monogram 2002

A fifth  boxing of the sprues occurred in 2002, when Monogram issued kit #85-5518 with Case X wings, and decals for two aircraft. The first option, 56-1210, was from the New York ANG, the 102FIS in 1973. The second option was 54-1405, from the 496FIS stationed at Hahn Airbase, Germany, in 1961. Shown below, the boxart displayed the 496th F-102A aircraft in full interception mode shooting a Falcon above the skies of Europe…

DCF 1.0
Monogram #85-5518 box art

This boxing is reviewed on Cybermodeller

Revell Germany 2004

A sixth boxing appeared in 2004, with a Revell Germany issue of a Case X wing kit – #04586. This issue contained the early Case X wing, and decal options for two aircraft. The first option on the Super Abziehbild / Super Decal sheet was for a 525th FIS aircraft, 56-1264 from Bitburg Airbase, Germany in September 1960. The second option was for 55-3419 from the 118 FIS, Connecticut ANG, 1968.

Revell Germany #04586 box art
Super Abziehbild decal sheet

This boxing is reviewed on Modelling Madness

Encore 2010

In 2010, Squadron USA, issued an upgraded kit, #48001, with Case XX wings, and a considerable amount of extra resin and photo-etch parts. This is a quality kit, that does much to bring the admittedly quite old plastic into the 21st century. Raised panel lines remain however.

Encore box art #48001

A colourful instruction booklet sets out the construction process in a clear and informative manner. The resin and photo-etch upgrades are comprehensive:

Encore #48001 resin and photo-etech upgrades
Encore #48001 decal sheet

All in all, this is a quality product and well worth tracking down if you can even though it is now out of production.

Hyperscale reviewed the kit in 2010 here.

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