Alfa 6

Alfa 6 advertising images, April 1979

In April 1979, Alfa Romeo released some images of the new luxury saloon.

Modern Motor magazine test, June 1979

In June 1979, Modern Motor, an Australian motoring magazine, sent their man to Italy to drive the new Alfa 6. His opinion was somewhat mixed.

Wheels magazine test, August 1979

The Alfa 6 was test driven in Italy by the Australian Wheels magazine in August 1979. Their verdict: “it’s good”.

Motor Manual magazine test, August 1979

Motor Manual, an Australian motoring magazine, profiled the newly released Alfa 6 in August 1979. The article was entitled “Alfa’s ‘Plain Jane’ V6 – anti-kidnap style.” The review, unsurprisingly, was not exactly an enthusiastic endorsement of Alfa’s new saloon.

Auto & Design profile, November 1979

In November 1979,  Auto & Design, a bi-lingual Italian automotive magazine, contained a very interesting profile of the newly released Alfa 6. The design sketches show the evolution of the final shape quite well.

Motor magazine test, September 1980

Motor, a UK motoring magazine, tested the newly released Alfa 6 in late 1980…and damned the car with faint praise really.

Motor magazine test, July 1982

By 1982,the Australian press had warmed a little to the Alfa 6. A test drive of a manual Delloroto’d version in Italy won Barry Lake over…well almost.

Wheels magazine test, October 1983

In late 1983, Australian Wheels magazine reported hopefully about a proposed 3 litre version of the Alfa 6 being released. A pity this did not come to fruition.

1984 Alfa 6 Sales Brochure

In 1984 Alfa Romeo released a colourful glossy sales brochure showing the luxury lifestyle associated with the Alfa 6…sexy times!

Alfa 6 website

An excellent website with a plethora of articles on the Alfa Sei…!!!

Alfa 6 pictures

An interesting collection of Alfa 6 and Alfa 90 images.

Alfa 6 grouptest

The last remaining roadworthy series 2 Alfa 6 is tested alongside a variety of other period saloons.

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