80s Alfa Romeo cars

I have set up this wordpress blog as a way of sharing much of the information I have collected on Alfa Romeo cars from the 1980s: 80s Alfas.  Alfa Romeo cars produced in the 1980s generally get a bad press. Sandwiched between the very successful and much-loved 105 series Alfas, and the ‘new’ 147 and 156 models, 80s Alfas are written off [sometimes literally] as rusty, clunky, plastic, poorly designed and badly-built relics of the past. Whilst the Alfa 164, was welcomed in the late 80s, it was equally condemned by many Alfisti as not being a “true” Alfa, due to it’s front-wheel drive design and FIAT parentage. This blog celebrates Alfa Romeo cars from the 1980s. I hope you enjoy the articles and information as much as I do! Please use the menu links above to access articles and information on the various 80Alfas.

Century series interceptors

I have also begun to upload information about 1/48th scale model kits of the Century series of USAF interceptors of the 1950s and 1960s.

Aaron O’Brien

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